How to Grow Microgreens at Home

Have you ever wanted to grow your own microgreens? Maybe you want to grow microgreens to sell at your local farmers’ market or restaurant. Or, you are a teacher and think it would be cool to show your students how easily you can plant and grow your own food. Or, you would just like to grow microgreens at home because you enjoy the fresh, BIG flavor these fast-growing baby greens pack!

So you decided you want to grow microgreens (congratulations!) and have started researching the world wide web, internet, Google, Facebook, Instagram and everything else out there……whoa! There is A LOT of information to read and go through to learn how to grow microgreens. (I thought this was going to be easy?)

Do you have time to read all the information? And, do you have time to figure out what seeds to buy, which grow supplies you really need and where to buy it all? After you spend all your TIME and MONEY, are you confident that the resource you chose will actually work?

At RVA Microgreens, we have done all the research and have tested the best methods to grow.  Heck, we grow microgreens ourselves! Now, we want to share all of our hard work with you in an easy-to-read guide on how to grow microgreens.  This guide will teach you:

  • What crops are easiest to grow to gain your confidence as a grower!
  • What type of growing tray should you use for microgreens?
  • What soil should you use?
  • How to start your seeds? (Learn the secret to not have spindly greens!)
  • What grow lights should you use?
  • How much light do you give your microgreens?
  • How often should you water microgreens? (THIS will surprise you!)
  • What is the easiest and fastest way to harvest?
  • What is the key to ensure your microgreens last after you harvest?
  • Over 125 hours of research and trials packed into easy-to-read guide!

We are now giving this guide away for FREE! Please follow this link to get our microgreen grow guide: Go to our grow guide page!

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